What Do You Think Of These Celebrities Out Of The LimeLight?

What Do You Think Of These Celebrities Out Of The LimeLight?


What to you is the meaning of a celebrity?
Most people think of someone who is in movies, pop world, TV presenters in England and America. But I ask you what about the rest of the world we live in, there are people that should be celebrities but are not as well known in the limelight.

In England we have celebrities known for things such as Big Brother, X Factor, Britain’s got talent and Britain’s Top Model are just to name a few. It’s all very well making your name in these programs but every day Joe like myself or you cannot afford time off work like this as we have bills to pay regularly. A celebrity status is made in a wide range of abilities that are out there for some people. I do know that some people are famous through modelling agencies and platforms, such people have been lucky. People like David Gandy, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, Noah Mills just name a few.
There are some celebrities out there that are not so well known and I personally think there should be more coverage for these celebrities to get known. I would love to be know and become a celebrity of sorts and be known for what I like doing, I have tried modelling but I unfortunately don’t have the look. I have also found a passion for writing or blogging. It would be great to find out what it is like to live the life of a celebrity just for a week and see how good or stressful it can be.

Dwane Johnsonceleb2

Here we have two well know celebrities, first photo is as we all know is Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Mathew McConaughey both on a day off from the limelight. As we know Dwayne Johnson regularly goes to the gym and works out for about six hours a day and treats his body like a temple and looks in amazing shape. The other photo as we see is Mathew what looks like he is chilling with friends on a night out and why should he not. They have both earned these chill days to act like regular people, so why do photographers still chase them around. If I was out like Mathew would I be photographed and have it splashed over the internet and papers?


Above we see three more celebrities on a regular day. They still look smart in what they dress in and enjoying days out what looks like shopping and partying with their friends and body guards’ maybe. Here we have a mixture of British and American celebrities on days out but still hounded by photographers.
But what is it like to be a celebrity that is out at a function and dressed to the hilt for a party, awards ceremony or just a friend’s party and followed by photographers.

Miroslav Šatan

Here we have a famous celebrity from Slovakia who made it big in the sport of ice hockey. His name is Miroslav Šatan. He represented Slovakia in the winter Olympics in 1994 and scored nine goals in eight games. He played for Detroit Vipers and when he was in the minor leagues he was split between four teams including the Oilers farm club in Cape Breton. This is an example of a lesser known celebrity but has also made a name for himself in another country at what he does well.


Here we have Miss Slovakia. She is a Little know person in the modelling industry. But what not a lot of people know is that Slovakia has been voted for the world’s most beautiful women in the world recently. This is another failing in the world that the celebrities from smaller countries don’t spread the celebrity status further and wide in the world.

So with this write up what does it mean to you to be a celebrity in the limelight or out of the limelight? To me personally it means that you could walk outside your house and have photographers outside you house and having them follow and shout at you. A lot of celebrities earn a lot of money to be in the limelight getting paid to turn up at certain places and parties. Basically made to order celebrities for an everyday Joe. It is worth sometimes paying your agent to get you known like this and start small and then in time you will get to be known and you will not need to pay for visits.
If you have a talent of writing and want to be a celebrity for writing keep putting you stuff out there and be persistent and don’t worry about people saying no. I have had this a lot but I’m still putting things out there to get known. In time I will get known and make my name this way as I can’t get into modelling.
Talent and Celebrity Status will come in all sorts of ways as I have already said so if You want to be one please carry on and you will be known in the end. I started blogging and was asked to write for a modelling platform/agency SS Models and had something published so I owe my confidence to them in writing.

Written by Hunter

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